We are fully insured for commercial operations, the details of which can be provided on request. We are GVC qualified which allows us to fly close to uninvolved people. It also means we can request special permissions from the CAA giving us even more flexibility and capability.
Our content is produced using highly stable UAV’s (drones) and is filmed in 4K at up to 60 fps allowing crisp video. We can also provide still images at 48 MP ensuring all of the details are captured.
What can we do for you?
Falling from heights is one of the most common causes for major injuries and deaths. Why not reduce this by sending up an UAV to inspect the area before any work needs to be carried out.
Broken roof tiles
Derelict building
We can help land-based security check large areas of space quickly and with a top speed of 30mph we can keep up with fleeing trespassers.
Give your portfolio the “wow” factor by proving your clients with something a little different. From exterior and garden views to smooth and sweeping interior shots.
Mansion with fountain
Sea scene of a sea life centre
Promotional Videos / Images
Impress customers with bespoke pictures and videos of your buildings or products from unique angles. This can be carried out both in and outdoors.
Birds Eye Views
Get a bird’s eye view of your building projects and get a unique view of how things are progressing. You can get an aerial view without the expense of a helicopter.
Birds eye view of a building site
Lost sheep on a mountain
Remote Search
We can help with searches of animals or people by reaching a higher altitude and covering a large ground.
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